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​​​​​Presented by Capitol Park Museum, a Louisiana State Museum

​​Joseph Haspel Sr. founded his eponymous brand in 1909 with the goal of creating clothes that could stand up to his native New Orleans heat. He knew that the Brits used this strangely puckered cloth called seersucker in India and thought it could translate well from a laborer’s outfit to a hot-weather-ready suit.

He was right, the world agreed and quickly Haspel became synonymous with summertime soigné and the jazz hot, cayenne kick of the Crescent City style. Yankee prepsters at Princeton weren’t far behind, snapping up this It Suit and spreading it through the Ivy League as a signifier of a true gentlemen. Lawn parties ensued.

Joseph Haspel Sr.’s sons, one of which was Joseph Jr., took over the company in late 1950s, championing wash-and-wear fabrics and blends, combining comfort, ease and style. Celebrities started wearing Haspel. Seen Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird or Cary Grant in Charade? That was Haspel. Nearly every President since Coolidge has worn Haspel too. It’s a brand, in short, for ballers.

Enter Laurie Haspel stage right. She is Joseph Sr.’s great granddaughter, the current steward of the Haspel legacy and a firecracker, who is reigniting the brand for a new generation. She tapped renowned designers Jeff Halmos and Sam Shipley and challenged them to create American-made clothing that echoes the legacy of its founder but also advances the style of the Haspel man. Seersucker may still be in its soul, but a Haspel party is year-round now, offering top-notch tailored clothing and sportswear for the first summertime barbecue to Saturday night Sazeracs in February. It’s confident, time-tested style 365 days a year.

Now in its third season, Haspel is proud to be 100 percent made in America. The brand, which created its original seersucker suits in a New Orleans factory, is glad to continue to support domestic design and manufacturing.


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The Haspel Family​